Jacques Durand

Director of Standards and Engineering
Jacques Durand has been a technical director at Fujitsu North America, Inc. for 12 years, where he works on software and middleware architectures and standards (OASIS, DMTF, WS-I, CEN, W3C, NIST, ISO/JTC1 SC38). Previously, he was director of development in a business process management (BPM) start-up company and before that, he was an R & D software engineer at US West. Dr. Durand started his career as an assistant professor in computer science in France, where he got a Ph.D. in logic programming and rule-based systems. He has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, ranging from research software to commercial products. Dr. Durand has extensive experience in Standards Developing Organizations, including chairing the OASIS Technical Advisory Board and representing Fujitsu on the W3C Advisory Committee. Currently he is chair, editor and member of Working Groups in OASIS, DMTF and NIST, mostly in Cloud computing initiatives and standards. Dr. Durand has long-time experience in testing and participation in several test initiatives in US, Europe and Asia. He has chaired Web-Services-Interoperability test team; participated in the Global Interoperability Test Bed European project; supervised ETSI eBusiness plugtests; chaired OASIS test assertions group; developed test suites and tools for WS-I, OASIS, and organized, chaired or assisted testing events in Beijing and Japan.

Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)