Dr. George Barnych

Chief Programs Officer
Mr. George Barnych is the Chief Operating Officer at the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM), created to transform U.S. manufacturing through innovations and education in robotics and related automation technologies. George has had a distinguished 31-year career in manufacturing, implementing multi-million dollar programs domestically and internationally with responsibilities in research and development, technology transfer, program management, and most recently in manned space flight subsystem manufacturing operations. Prior to joining DMDII, he held several positions at General Dynamics most recently serving as Director of Advanced Munition Systems of a key Strategic Business Unit in the Ordnance and Tactical Systems division within General Dynamics. In this role, George had the fiscal and execution responsibility for the SBU’s Internal Research and Development (IR&D) programs as well as multiple concurrent US Department of Defense weapon system development and demonstration contracts. George possesses a diverse background in both commercial avionics and defense weapon system industries beginning with the development of airframe and engine condition monitoring system hardware and software at Teledyne Controls and then as a small business owner providing commercial avionics test equipment to Boeing and major airlines across the world. He later entered the defense business sector with General Dynamics and later served as Vice President of Operations for a small business manufacturing the Li Ion Battery systems for the International Space Station as well as other space based electronics subsystems. George received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan after serving four years as a Flight Test Instrumentation Technician with the United States Air Force at Edwards AFB Flight Test Center.

ARM Institute

To foster and grow the national manufacturing ecosystem, the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has formed a national, public-private partnership to develop, demonstrate, and facilitate early adoption of novel robotic solutions. Based in Pittsburgh, ARM is led by a newly established national nonprofit called American Robotics, which was founded by Carnegie Mellon University and includes a national network of 231 stakeholders from industry, academia, local governments and nonprofits. ARM seeks to empower American workers to compete with low-wage workers abroad; create and sustain new jobs to secure U.S. national prosperity; lower the technical, operational, and economic barriers for small- and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies to adopt robotics technologies; and assert U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing. ARM’s 10-year goals include increasing worker productivity by 30 percent, creating 510,000 new manufacturing jobs in the U.S., ensuring that 30 percent of SMEs adopt robotics technology, and providing the ecosystem where major industrial robotics manufacturers will emerge. ARM focuses on critical growth sectors that are ripe for rapid adoption of robotics in manufacturing, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and textiles.

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