STREAM 2 | Automation, collaborative robots, and augmented and virtual reality: Applied IoT – Machine, Workcell and Factory Optimization

Pitney Bowes is utilizing IoT to transform its service model from break-fix to outcome based and giving our clients tools to maximize their operational efficiencies and production capacity.

This session will review the approach, design, deployment challenges, implementation and value of Pitney’s Clarity Advisor and Optimizer products.

  • The platform architecture:  Sensors, edge processing, connectivity, security and the data.
  • The business value from our connected industrial systems:
    • Clarity AdvisorTM:  Reducing service costs while improving machine uptime via a centralized machine monitoring tool suite.
    • Clarity OptimizerTM:  Driving capacity growth by measuring and understanding the relationship between people, product and process to identify operational losses and improve overall workcell efficiencies.
  • Lessons learned and next steps in maximizing the value of this technology.

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