STREAM 2 | Real-time visibility for operations planning and maintenance 4.0: How connected vehicle helped to transform customer support

Starting with the first step using connected vehicle technology to create a telematics solution that offers our customers remote diagnostics, proactive scheduling for repairs and confirmation of parts availability, all while the truck is still on the job. This step transformed our customer support from reactive to proactive.
This connected/IoT transformation cascaded to other areas of the company, such as Quality and Product Development; which sparked the development of new analytics and visualization tools based on the use of Big Data, such as product data (model, built year, etc.), customer/fleet data (application and usage), warranty / field repair data, and topology and weather forecast information; providing access to vital feedback from customer trucks into the product improvement and product development process.
This IoT journey also took us to develop external partnerships to add value to our customers operation. These partnerships range from telematics and components suppliers to logistics and vocational services.

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