STREAM 4 | Leveraging interoperability and industrial standards in legacy environments: Secured IoT Interoperability from Sensor to IT Enterprise

  • Secured Interoperability is the key enabler to connect your device, machine or service with plug and produce experience. Learn about the world largest eco-system for industrial interoperability, including the open source framework OPC UA which have been reviewed by international security experts. This presentation is about the differences between IIoT and Industrie4.0 but also about
    • what connectivity does not enough: why is semantic interoperability the key for the Industrial IoT, M2M and Industrie 4.0?
    • why OPC Unified Architecture is required to name your product “Industrie 4.0 compliant”?
    • initiatives like IIC , China 2025, Korea Manufacturing?
    • how collaboration is transforming information integration between IT and OT?

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